To me my lovely and fierce friend Brooke Lewis-AKA-MS. VAMPY is so bloody amazing, multi-talented, a true gift to the horror industry, film and most of all a gift to the world!!!

The most beautiful vampiress in the world!!!


RaVeNX… What are your thoughts on women in horror; hence, such as yourself who are exploring, fearlessly, persevering in all aspects of the horror industry?

Brooke… I think it is horrifically fantastic that so many women in the horror genre have stepped up and shown their fearlessness behind the camera, as I can tell you firsthand that it is no easy task! The horror industry is not for the weak in mind or heart and I am honored to be amongst these strong and savvy chicks!

RaVeNX… Is there anything about your public perception that you would like to clarify or make known?

Brooke… I know I come across as the perky, bubbly horror cheerleader and there is a huge part of me that is just that, BUT I have a very serious side when it comes to business and important things in my life. I can be the sweetest person in the world, but if you mess with me or someone I care about, the little devil inside me will come out! Also, I really would like the fans to understand that there is a huge “appearance vs. reality” aspect to this crazy business. For those who contact me for money and think I am living in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, please know that there is not a lot of money in indie films and I am working my ass off  like the rest of you!

RaVeNX… Do you see common themes in your choices for your creative expressions?

Brooke… I don’t know if I see common themes as much as common choices for me that are in alignment with my truth. I know that I am attracted to solid scripts with strong female characters and I know that I have gravitated toward projects that have been in the comedy, horror and mobster genres quite often. I do, however, feel that my choices have narrowed a bit with age, experience and wisdom! I look at projects I worked on long ago and would never choose them now. I look at people I have worked with at points in the past and would never choose to work with them now. I feel like I am in a really good place right now, in which I am choosing ways to express myself that fulfill my soul and have a greater purpose, like “VAMP IT OUT, which sends positive messages to tweens and teens!

RaVeNX… Do you think multi- talented females such as yourself who choose to indulge in all aspects of the horror industry are perceived as a threat or a joke; hence, if so would you please elaborate?

Brooke… I wish I could say neither, but I have to say both! Unfortunately, I have experienced submission and oppression from men whom I have worked with/for in and out of the horror genre. As much as women have come a long way in this industry and are running studios in Hollywood, I believe there is still a “Boys Club” and we still have to “prove” ourselves to be accepted. I do feel that a lot of men are threatened by a woman who can run the show! As an actress, I also feel that in Hollywood we are often considered a joke, if we are not on a TV series or acting in studio films. It pains me to have said that!

RaVeNX… What is the ideal atmosphere for you to work in?

Brooke…Love this question! My ideal atmosphere for work is one filled with love, support, creativity, talent, respect, integrity and professionalism. One in which everyone is there to bring the best out in each other and the work! Oh, and, let’s not forget my own fabulous trailer, yummy craft service and 80s music playing when we are not shooting!

RaVeNX… Are there any future projects or plans you would like to share with me, your fans and our readers?

Brooke… I would love to share a few projects that have recently or will soon be released on VOD and DVD: AT THE SINATRA CLUB; SLIME CITY MASSACRE; DAHMER VS. GACY and GERALD. I have 2 amazing short films that are doing the festival circuit in 2011, so please go check out SPRINKLES and CHOOSE. As far as future projects, I am attached to ROOM AND BOARD; ARCHAIC REDEMPTION; MONDO HOLOCAUSTO; the UNTITLED Parrish Randall Project and, of course, my “baby “VAMP IT OUT“.  And, working on the next BOWLING FOR BOOBIES with Sean Decker and DREAD CENTRAL!!!

RaVeNX… I would like to take tis opportunity to Thank you Brooke and all the other individuals involved with BOWLING FOR BOOBIES; hence, with Sean Decker and DREAD CENTRAL!!!

RaVeNX… BOWLING FOR BOOBIES is a charity for breast cancer which I’m so thankful for, as I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2009 and for those of you reading please show your love and support to Brooke Lewis, Sean Decker, DREAD CENTRAL, all the amazing individuals involved in the charity and for those of us fighting breast cancer.

RaVeNX… Is there any character/characters that you have wanted to play and haven’t? If so, would you share why and would you elaborate on the character roles which you hope to play?

Brooke… My dream roles would have been Cleopatra, Mona in MY COUSIN VINNY or Karen in GOODFELLAS! In horror, I really want roles that I can sink my teeth into and be badass! Just cause I’m little, doesn’t mean I can’t be badass, right? I am inspired to act in roles that show women’s strength, both physically, but even more mentally! I would love to play an absolute psychotic killer!!! At the same time, I really hope my MS. VAMPY character in “VAMP IT OUT will become an icon in and out of horror who will be a role model for people and teach them to focus on inner beauty and that it is okay to be different!

RaVeNX… Would you describe your creative process therapeutic, a relaxing outlet or more of an obsessive passion which keeps you exhausted until your project is completed?

Brooke… For someone like me who is very OCD and perfectionistic, I would say it is more of an obsessive passion which keeps me exhausted until my project is completed. However, the greatest therapy and cathartic experiences occur for me in those precious few moments when I am acting, which fills my heart and soul! When I am “there” and I mean really “there” in the moment during a scene, there is no greater feeling in the creative process!

RaVeNX… Would you share some of your most memorable moments of trial-and error when you were first developing and learning your chosen career in the horror industry?

Brooke… I remember developing my first bigger horror/thriller and having so many decisions to make for myself and the project. I learned so much about who is a “name” in the horror genre and what distributors deal with the horror genre and what the horror audience is looking for.
I also learned so much about what roles I wanted to play, that I chose not to do nudity, what boundaries I needed to have during a sex scene and what little power you have, if you do not own the project!

RaVeNX… Would you please elaborate on your favorite aspect working in the horror industry?

Brooke… The fans, my peers and that voluptuous women are appreciated in the horror genre! The fans are fiercely loyal. My peers are like one big dysfunctional family who supports one another. And, in Hollywood where being tall and anorexic is key, I feel the horror genre admires the “Bettie Page”, pin-up, womanly figure!

RaVeNX… How do you overcome the challenges you face in your chosen career?

Brooke… I create my own work. I don’t buy into the “nevers” and “cant’s”. “When faced with fear, dig deep inside, find your inner “vamp” and “Vamp It Out!”

RaVeNX… Would you give a brief introduction about MS. VAMPY for your fans and our readers and what can we expect from MS. VAMPY in the near future?

Brooke… MS. VAMPY is America’s funniest, sexiest, sassiest and most high maintenance vampire! Her personality is as big as her hair and is often described as Betty Boop meets Marisa Tomei in MY COUSIN VINNY. She loves pleather and fur and wouldn’t be caught “dead” without high heels! But, there’s much more to this loveable vampiress. The MS. VAMPY web series in 2009 introduced the comedic and crazy Brooklyn Vampire character that I love to play! The next big project for her is “VAMP IT OUT. It is a Halloween/Family/Comedy for tweens and the pitch is: ELVIRA meets THE NANNY meets THE HOUSE BUNNY meets SCHOOL OF ROCK. Again, my favorite catch phrase from the film is “When faced with fear, dig deep inside, find your inner “vamp” and “Vamp It Out!”

RaVeNX… MS. VAMPY’S Brooklyn voice and persona really ignites a hot flame of ‘Burning Love’ to anyone that has the opportunity to meet, talk and/or watch one of MS. VAMPY’S episodes! MS. VAMPY I was listening to your 2009 PODCAST with ‘‘; hence, Indie Horror Radio with Parrish Randall, Joe Francis and Loyd Cryer.

MS. VAMPY you stated, “I’m straight but if I was going to be a lesbian ‘Michelle Tomlinson’ would be the one I choose”!

RaVeNX… What about me MS. VAMPY?

Brooke… RaVeNX are you ‘freakin’ hittin’ on me, girlfriend??? 😉

Lemme tell you ‘somethin’… I would BITE you from head to ‘freakin’ toe! You know I love ya and think you’re a ‘freakin’ doll!

RaVeNX… I just couldn’t resist a random, off-beat question after listening to the above named PODCAST!!! LoL!!! You know I ‘freakin’ love and adore you too!

Questions from your fans Brooke Lewis…

Kristen Hall… When will you be coming back to Texas?

Brooke… Hey, hot stuff! So good to hear from you! I am really hoping I can come back for Texas Frightmare Weekend this year… It’s like tradition at this point! I am waiting to hear from Parrish Randall and Loyd Cryer, so put in a good word! 😉 Otherwise, I will be there to shoot a film with Parrish at some point this summer!

Sean Thompson… Why is one of your eyes so red in iMurders?

Brooke… Sean, I am so glad you asked this question, as people like to write smack about that all over the internet without knowing the story! We had been in development for iMurders for a long time and I was signed on to play Agent Romano, as well as an Executive Producer on the film. The film was shooting in NY and NJ and I was all booked to travel across the country. A week before heading back east, I booked a role in BREAK and got makeup in my eye and woke up one day with the entire blood vessel broken in my right eye! I swear it looked like someone beat the hell outta me! I was so upset, but headed back to shoot iMurders anyway. The doctors think the pressure of flying 6 hours may have made it worse too. We added a line acknowledging it in the film, but they edited it out (I wish they would have kept it!). It took 6 weeks for it to heal completely.

Criss Padilla… Would you describe a bit what women in your industry do in the Women In Film Association and What is that all about?

Brooke… Women In Film is a wonderful organization in the entertainment industry that allows women to connect and network with other women and female oriented companies in the business. They offer everything from seminars to networking events to mentor programs to charity stuff. It is just a great resource for women in the biz!

Jeremy Zink… I’m also glad to see you doing work with the Horror Hunks & Honeys calendar.Brooke you have been named a Scream Queen. How do you feel about this and would you share how it makes you feel to be honored amongst so many other big names; hence, like Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Shepis, Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer and others?

Brooke… Thank you and I fancy it a true honor! I feel that a Scream Queen is a powerful woman and force in the horror genre. I feel that it is a title that is bestowed upon you and has to be earned by paying your dues and making a name for yourself in the genre. I didn’t wake up one day and call myself a Scream Queen, ya know? I actually found it surprising when people started calling me that, because I had never been killed, done nudity or even acted in a slasher type of movie, but I realized that there are variations of a Scream Queen and I am grateful that I have made some kind of mark. I have worked my butt off to get here and earn the title that the women you mentioned surely worked hard for!

Jaie Hicks… What career would you have chosen if you didn’t choose and become successful in your current career in the film industry and what plans do you have in the future as far as expanding your career?

Brooke… Thank you for calling my career successful! Sometimes I don’t see it that way, ya know? Honestly, I just cannot imagine doing or loving anything else the way I love acting! But, if I had to pick, I think I would have made a great lawyer or publicist. I almost went to law school when I was younger. As far as my future career plans, I will always act and produce, but I am also getting back into voiceover work and I am even developing a reality show as a producer. I just pray that my “VAMP IT OUTfilm explodes and turns into a TV series for the rest of my life!

Dave Reda… Brooke how are you able to promote and kick so much ass WITHOUT a Facebook account and why do you only have a fan page?
Also, do you know how kick-Ass RaVeNX is?

Brooke… I am soooo lucky to have amazing loyal fans, longstanding relationships with a lot of horror press and a kickass publicist! As far as Facebook, I am not a fan, just like I avoided MySpace when that was hot. Quite frankly, I am a bit old school! I communicate with the people I choose to communicate with via phone and email and I love spending time in person with friends and business associates, even for a quick coffee. The internet is a funny thing and can have some negative aspects. I have witnessed too many friends experience gossip, drama and hurtful things posted about them on Facebook. As for my Facebook fan page, I LOVE it! Thank you to my girls for running it and thank you to my friends and fans for posting fabulous comments! Just so you know, I check every day and read all your comments and I can check emails in that account to, so feel free. You all make me smile!!!

Do I know how kick-Ass RaVeNX is? Um…DUH!!!  She is a strong, fighting, loving, caring, compassionate, creative, supportive person and I am so grateful to have met her and for this awesome interview!

Love & Horror,
Brooke Lewis






  1. Thank you Brooke!
    All my love & support always!

  2. Brooke Lewis says:


    Thank you for this beautiful interview and the beautiful words you wrote at the beginning. I am truly touched! You are strong and a fighter and you can beat anything! Remember, “When faced with fear, dig deep inside, find your inner “vamp” and Vamp It Out!”

    Love & Horror,
    Brooke Lewis

  3. AFL says:

    LOVE it when that fierce little devil comes out to protect those you love!!! Sprinkles looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scary!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Ms. Vampy GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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